Clinical Research Core (CRC)

Core Functions. This Core, led by Nicolas Musi, MDDean Kellogg, MD, PhD and Sara E. Espinoza, MD, MSc, assists basic and clinical investigators in developing rigorous and appropriately powered clinical studies and trial concepts that will lead to innovative approaches to improve healthspan and lifespan, and facilitates implementation and execution of translational human studies and clinical trials by investigators.

The Core provides expertise and coordinated access to resources and technology in both the San Antonio OAIC and facilities throughout our institution to maximize the depth of phenotypic characterization relevant to aging in trial outcomes. Training in clinical research for early-stage faculty and those new to clinical research is also available. This Core is also available to provides research project consultation and planning, assistance with safety and regulatory compliance processes, facilitates research subject recruitment and retention, and coordinates relationships with relevant San Antonio OAIC Cores and other Core facilities of our institution.