28 Feb 2018 A Randomized Control Trial to Establish the Feasibility and Safety of Rapamycin Treatment in an Older Human Cohort: Immunological, Physical Performance, and Cognitive Effects.

Ellen Kraig, Leslie A. Linehan, Hanyu Liang, Terry Q. Romo, Qianqian Liu, Yubo Wu, Adriana D. Benavides, Tyler J. Curiel, Martin A. Javors, Nicolas Musi, Laura Chiodo, Wouter Koek, Jonathan A.L. Gelfond, Dean L. Kellogg Jr. Experimental Gerontology, Available online 3 February 2018

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28 Feb 2018 Proton pump inhibitor use associated with changes in gut microbiota composition.

Kelly R Reveles, Caitlin N Ryan, Luisa Chan, Reese A Cosimi, Wanda L Haynes. Gut 2017 Oct 9.

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28 Feb 2018 The development of a specific pathogen free (SPF) barrier colony of marmosets (Callithrix jacchus) for aging research.

Corinna N. Ross, Steven Austad, Kathy Brasky, Celeste J. Brown, Larry J. Forney, Jonathan A. Gelfond, Robert Lanford, Arlan Richardson, and Suzette D. Tardif. Aging, 2017. In press.

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12 Jan 2016 Ross C, Salmon A, Strong R, Fernandez E, Javors M, Richardson A, Tardif S. Metabolic consequences of long-term rapamycin exposure on common marmoset monkeys (Callithrix jacchus) – Aging (Albany NY). 2015 Nov;7(11):964-73

Abstract Rapamycin has been shown to extend lifespan in rodent models, but the effects on metabolic health and function have been widely debated in both clinical and translational trials. Prior to rapamycin being used as a treatment to extend both lifespan and healthspan in the human population, it is vital to assess the side effects […]

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26 Oct 2015 Tardif S, Ross C, Bergman P, Fernandez E, Javors M, Salmon A, Spross J, Strong R, Richardson A. Testing efficacy of administration of the anti-aging drug rapamycin in a non-human primate, the common marmoset. J Gerontol Biol Sci. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2015 May;70(5):577-587.

Abstract This report is the first description of dosing procedures, pharmacokinetics, biochemical action, and general tolerability of the antiaging drug rapamycin in the common marmoset, a small and short-lived monkey. Eudragit-encapsulated rapamycin was given orally to trained marmosets in a short-term (3 weeks) and a long-term (14 months) study. Circulating trough rapamycin levels (mean = […]

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